Our Guarantee

Yes, you read that right! Our training programs are guaranteed!

How can that be? Well my goal is for you and your dog to have success, in that pursuit I want you to reach all of your goals. I believe in my training so much, that this guarantee will last for the life of your dog.

There are so many people that get prior training and spend so much time or money and after training they never reach their goal and are left still needing help with their dog. This is not fair to the owner or the dog and I believe every dog can be successful.

It is like finding a needle in a hay stack when it comes to having dog training with a GUARANTEE, that is how much I believe in my training methods. So why can I guarantee it and other training companies can’t or won’t?

Reason #1

I am not just a dog trainer. I have devoted my life to the understanding of dog behavior, spending many years and countless hours. In order to provide you with the best information so your dog can be the best behaved dog of your dreams I will be working hands on with you and your dog in ways that you and your dog can understand.

Reason #2

Training Methods. Training with the best to become the best is something I have always believed in. I have trained under the best Master Dog Trainers in order to develop a system unlike any other, taking the best methods to make your dog the best. My system of dog training adapts to you and your dog’s needs, using no harsh training. My method is to communicate to the dog in a matter they will understand, making the dog happy and wanting to be trained. Harsh training methods make the dog scared of everyone and everything and are unreliable. I want your dog to be reliable in any situation.

Reason #3

No dog left behind. I don’t believe in “this dog can’t be trained.” With my method any dog can be trained no matter the size or breed. Some trainers will not work with a dog based on its behavior or wiliness and even breed or age. Every dog has the potential to become the best and that is why I made it my mission to help your dog.

Reason #4

People friendly. I have seen very good dog trainers work wonderfully with all kinds of dogs but fall short or even hit a wall with people. Communication with dogs are a very important element to dog training but if you are unable to show the owner how to work with the dog, they will fail in time. I will be detailed and handles on with you, the owner, in understanding how to maintain a good relationship with your dog, so your goals that we achieve will not go away. I will make your dog better behaved, but I will make you a very knowledgeable owner. Before working with dogs, I spent years working with people achieving their life goals.

Reason #5

Experience. I have spent years working and learning under many other systems in order to combine them to an adaptable system that working for all dogs. Working hands on with dogs is key to my success combined with years of knowledge from my teachers. I am certified as a dog trainer and dog behaviorist.

Reason #6

I am full time. Some trainers have another job that they work full time and dog training is done for extra money. I have made this my life for years and will continue to make this my life. I am not a retiree who is forced to work as a trainer. I have the love and passion to achieve many great things with animals. Nor do I own a boarding or grooming business and do dog training as a side gig. All my time and efforts are geared towards making your goals happen for a happier family.


1) Knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, all goals will be achieved because the training will always work! Relieving undo stress on you and your family!!!
2) Any dog, no matter their behavior or size can be trained with my method.
3) Life support of your dog with any questions or concerns that may appear after any training. This is not a quick fix and go, I am here to give you and your family support whenever there is a need.
4) If MINIMUM training for that program is not meant, there is no extra charge if more lessons are needed to complete the program. This is an investment for the benefit of your dog and your family’s future. All good investments should not have expired benefits or results.

This is my stand on dog training. Guaranteed.