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I am a certified professional dog trainer and behaviorist who provides training and behavioral rehabilitation for family dogs. I want families to completely enjoy their lives with their dogs, whether you got your new dog from a breeder or shelter.

I love dogs and love teaching and helping people, and I GUARANTEE my training will work for your dog. No tricks or gimmicks; no harsh treatments; just real obedience for real family dogs like yours. We are a Dutchess County, NY Dog Training company and service NY and CT.

I have liked animals since I was small. About eight years ago I got my first dog and best friend for life, Blade. After having such an amazing animal experience I pursued dog training after being disappointed or burned by many dog trainers I decided to learn to do it on his own.

After completing the basic dog training certificate, I continued under an apprenticeship in obedience, behavior, and protection. After years of working with people and hundreds of dogs in obedience, behavior and protection I knew this is what I love doing. The feeling of helping many misunderstood dogs that faced death and educating families for a happier life was my passion. I enjoy giving hope and showing the gentle way of developing a bond between dog and family to families that have tried other dog trainers with failed results.


How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a dog behavior expert?

I have been training dogs for over four years and learned from top dog trainers. I learned from one of the top dog behavior experts in NY State and under him I worked with all types of behavior, from insecure to super aggressive dogs to dogs that have tried to bite because of their behavior. Every single one has become a special mission to me in making them a better well mannered dog.

Who are your ideal clients exactly?

There is a lot of training out there and some trainers will not take the dog in for a number of reasons. But for me any dog for any reason is good works, whether the dog has behavior issues or aggression. My ideal client is someone who loves their dog and wants the best for them. They are willing to work and learn because their main goal is making their dog better. No dog is too much….

What if I feel like my dog’s issues are unique?

We have come across many unique issues, they may be unique or you may just feel like you’ve got an unusual challenge – either way, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to email me directly at felix@dtbeyond.comand tell me about your dog. What are your goals? What issues are you having? What have you tried that hasn’t worked? Chances are your experiences and needs are similar to many families who come to us for help – you’re struggling with getting your dog to listen or stop doing certain things, and it’s affecting your daily life in some way. Don’t worry – we have pretty much seen it all and your dog won’t be the one that makes us second guess our guarantee!

How are you different from other dog trainers?

My methods are different from other dog trainers in many ways. First off I treat every dog as one of my own. I have learned different methods from a number of master dog trainers and put together a system to make your dog the best. My methods are at a level of communicating dog to dog, which is force free dog training. Unlike other dog trainers, obedience is not the solution to behavior issues, we must address the behavior.

How much do your programs cost?

Our programs are extremely unique in that they aren’t set up in levels where a family must start with the lowest and eventually work their way up to a more advanced program to cover all their needs. ALL of our programs cover everyone’s needs and they are all guaranteed. This way you can be sure that we have a solution to your problems, within your budget, and you can choose a program based on your preferences – like how many times we come to your house rather than having a lesson at the facility, and how long your dog spends with us initially to work on bigger distractions and challenges. So don’t worry – we can even customize something for you if need it. We want to help everyone.

Since we want to make sure we’re the right choice for you and your dog, and there are details about how our training methods work, different options to choose from, etc., we will get to know you and go over all of these details when you come for a visit (which is the best option, but we can chat on the phone too if you’re not able to visit soon). You can schedule a time to visit privately.

Does this really work?

We get this question all the time from families who feel like they’ve tried everything. Yes, it really does work. Come visit and we’ll explain exactly HOW and WHY it really works so there are no mysteries involved in how we are actually able to guarantee our training programs.

Do you accept credit cards?


I know what program I want, how do we get started?

The first step is to schedule a time to chat with me (Felix) so we can go over all the details, we can make sure your dog is appropriate for the program you are choosing, and we can give you all the details about our training methods, availability, investments, etc. Email me directly at felix@dtbeyond.com to schedule a time to talk or come for a visit and we’ll go from there!

I have a family and a busy life. Although I like your programs and your guarantee intrigues me, I don’t have much time to spare. Do I need to come for a visit before signing up?

I definitely understand being busy!! I am one who is always on the run myself! My private visits usually don’t take more than 30-45 minutes. We need to share some details with each other before you begin a program. Over the years we’ve found that this is much better in person. (See next question.) But we also realize that you need help quickly, so let us know if you’re not able to come visit soon and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of!

What if I have some questions or want to talk to you before deciding to come visit?

I love talking to people about their dogs. We’ve been so fortunate to have the opportunity to help over a thousand families over the years. We most enjoy working with families who have a strong desire to get the most out of their experience training their dogs, are easy to teach themselves and are willing to learn (see the question above about who our ideal clients are)

Most of the time families are very eager to get started and want to come for a visit as soon as possible. They really want the most reliable choices for their dog’s training, and quite possibly have already tried training that didn’t work for them. Some are even on the verge of finding a new home for their dogs if they can’t find a solution. Our primary focus is giving loads of attention to the dogs visiting for training, and to their owners as well. You’re absolutely welcome to give us a call. The best way to talk to me personally about your dog’s behavior, as well as find out all the details about our programs (beyond what’s answered here), is to visit.

Either way, I’d like to talk to you right away!

Email me at felix@dtbeyond.com to schedule a time.

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