Puppy Programs

8 Weeks – 6 Months

How our puppy programs work:

Everything you need to reach your goals is included in each of our programs, so you simply choose the program that matches your personal preferences and your needs. This is a true investment into the years that you will have your dog.

All of our puppy training programs focus on development training, resolving unwanted behaviors, building blocks for reliability around distractions and off-leash development, as well as leash training, house breaking, and crate training for dogs of 8 weeks – 6 months. The age and development of the puppy will determine the number of movements (first stages of command development). Anything you need to make enjoying your dog easier!


This program is a “Private One-on-One” development to show you how to raise your puppy at an early age. We will discuss nutrition, behavior, and health, guiding you through this time frame. Without any corrections and by teaching the puppy muscle memory and developing confidence through drive and play. Start the building blocks of obedience and focus, behavior through play, reward and drive.


  • 3 Movements: Let’s Go, Come, Hop (jump)
  • 6 Private Lessons at DTB
  • Our Unique Guarantee



In our “Board & Train” program puppies start and continue on muscle memory through reward and drive while presenting the foundation of obedience and focus. There will be the use of play, reward, and agility to develop confidence on small jumps, tunnels and cat walks. They will learn to balance and control their feet and body while starting their on-leash obedience and beginnings of socialization.


  • 5 Movements: Let’s Go, Come, Hop (jump), Crate, Off
  • One Week Stay, 2 Private Lessons at DTB
  • Our Unique Guarantee
  • BONUS: Leather Leash and Training Collar



Do you want your puppy to start off on the right foot? Want a puppy but don’t have time to work with it during the most important stage of their life? This “Board & Train” puppy course includes all building blocks for making your dream dog, taking your puppy in public for developing a friendly dog everyone will love. Including use of play, reward and agility to develop confidence on small jumps, tunnels and cat walks. They will learn to balance and control their feet and body while starting their on-leash obedience and socialization. Plus, your dog will have three privates lessons from me after going home, which means we can teach more movements for you, or work on fine tuning your puppy’s behavior after your dog’s initial training and you’ve had some time at home with your dog.


  • 6 Movements: Let’s Go, Come, Hop (jump), Crate, Off, Down
  • Two Week Stay, 3 Private Lessons at DTB
  • Our Unique Guarantee
  • BONUS STARTER KIT: Leather Leash, Training Collar, Bone, Bag of Food


“The Teddy Bear program completely transformed our puppy into becoming more sociable. He grew into a wonder dog that everyone loves. Felix walked us through everything and made everything easy for us. Everything he said came true, and we were able to follow through with his training with confidence.”

-Susan Moss

Some things our programs include:

When I talk or meet with you, I will tell you all the differences between our programs and you can decide which one sounds perfect to you. To start with, one of the big differences is how long your dog spends with me initially. The longer your dog spends with me, the sooner he or she will get to a certain point in their training (more confident around people, for example), and of course the farther along they are when they first come home and I start training YOU. All of the programs include teaching you, the family, so it’s easy to maintain. You’ll be taught everything you need to know and get lots of ongoing support from us.

And don’t forget, the programs are guaranteed. You don’t have to worry that your dog can’t be trained, that it won’t work, or that you’ll be left with no help if something comes up in the future. We’re always here for you.

Your dog’s stay with me can be anywhere from a week or two depending on your goals and preferences. All of the programs include lessons with you and your dog, and some programs can include lessons at your home as well. Our programs are unlike most board & train type programs, though, so I will tell you all the details when we talk.

All programs use force free dog training, making the puppy wanting and happy to train, developing a solid foundation for a well mannered dog.

I’ll be resolving your dog’s less-than-wonderful habits and behaviors, like jumping, pulling on the leash, stealing stuff on the counters, play biting, not coming, barking, chewing, house breaking issues, and anything else you need.

These are some of the movements/commands I’ll teach your dog so your dog will develop listening focus to you in every situation…
Sit (and stay until released!), Come, Place (to stay on a dog bed until released), Off, Quiet, Drop-it, Leave-it, Let’s Go (loose leash walking), Heel (to stay next to your left foot off-leash as well). This is everything you need to start an great foundation with your dog when he gets older.